The good news is that the volume I spent months editing last year is now in print—Last Call: The Anthology of Beer, Wine & Spirits Poetry. It was published by World Enough Writers in Tillamook, Oregon, and includes 177 poems by 154 poets from 31 states and four countries. It is 302 pages long, and includes single-paragraph bios on each poet. Beautifully designed and well-printed. Lana Ayers, the publisher at World Enough Writers, is totally top-niche!

As I edited this anthology, I chose poems that in some manner refer to alcohol. In some cases there was simply a beverage mentioned, in other poems alcohol was a central issue. It might seem surprising how many different poets have written poems that involve alcohol. And many of the poets are widely published and well-known, including Ellen Bass, Sheila Bender, Allen Braden, Timons Esaias, Paul Hunter, Sibyl James, Tod Marshall, John Morgan, Sheila Nickerson, Robert Michael Pyle, Michael Waters and Koon Woon.

Here’s the cover:

Last Call: The Anthology of Beer, Wine & Spirits Poetry      Cover photo by Lorraine Healy

Order your copy from:

This is a good book to share with others while enjoying adult beverages.


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